It’s with great excitement that I embark upon the next challenge of my career, moving on to work for Teach for America. But it is with great sadness that I leave behind the Graduate Center and my work with the American Social History Project and the New Media Lab.  I wrote a little about my […]

I have returned to the CUNY Commons. In this space I hope to talk a bit about digital scholarship, both inside and outside of the New Media Lab. This will be in addition to the short announcements and blurbs I talk about on Twitter,  and likely go into a bit more depth. A bit more about […]

  • A little about me

    My name is Aaron Knoll (as per the title and URL) and I work in the New Media Lab as an advisor of sorts. I assist students working on digital media projects by being available to discuss technology, options, best practices and modern approaches to digital scholarship, as well as the applications and alternatives that are available. I use my 10+ years of experience, having worked in nearly ever IT role that has ever been dreamed up, to offer expertise, advice, and support for the directions they choose to take in their projects.

    I have fulfilled this role in the New Media Lab for over three years and look forward to continue supporting students as they ambitiously look towards the future with their digital work.

  • Disclaimer

    The views expressed here are my own and they do not represent an official stance of the New Media Lab or any of my colleagues affiliated with the New Media Lab.

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